MATERIA focusses on three asset classes: Urban Regeneration, Affordable Housing and Schools/Social Infrastructure

MATERIA focuses on three strategies which provides a well-diversified exposure to the development dynamics of each territory …


MATERIA is involved in large urban regeneration projects either as master developer or as consultant. 

Spearheading a project-led strategic approach to urban regeneration and development, MATERIA works with public and private institutions in order to effect the revitalisation of urban areas denoting particular cultural, economic and social value through integrated socio-economical and physical renewal of the urban fabric.

MATERIA collaborates with leading masterplanned, urbanists, economists and architects to achieve long-term urban economic development that meets people’s social needs by promoting social inclusion and stronger communities and that guarantee long-term self-sustainability urban investments through the creation of ad-hoc Public Private Partnerships.

MATERIA is currently involved in two major urban regeneration projects in North Africa and the Middle East, where UNESCO protected neighbourhoods are being repositioned as centres of the contemporary city thus acting as catalysts for wider urban development.

Schools / Social Infrastructure

MATERIA invest and develops the schooling & social infrastructure that lie at the core of strong communities that can thrive for generations, through MASIV and also on an ad-hoc basis.

The Materia Schools Investment Vehicle (MASIV) is an impact-driven investment vehicle established to deliver the schooling facilities Africa requires to harness the immense potential of its demographic dividend. MASIV was launched on the back of the first school campus developed in partnership with operator Enko Education, providing a successful proof of concept to be scaled pan-regionally.

Materia also focus on the delivery of selected community and mixed-use projects that strengthen the social fabric and pose the basis for self-sustainable developments in the long-term.

AFFORDABLE Housing Communities

MATERIA develops integrated affordable housing projects in selected African countries, by addressing the whole housing delivery chain simultaneously: development of houses go hand in hand with the establishment of housing finance solutions that make housing affordable to the growing lower to middle classes.

MATERIA leverages strong relationship within the target countries, proprietary deals, partnerships with leading financial groups bringing expertise in the financial services that underpin real estate, and finally innovative design/construction methods to deliver quality starter houses at scale.

Africa has the fastest growing cities in the world, with 40% of the continent’s one billion people living in town and cities (UN Habitat); and it is estimated that in the next few years, some African cities will be home to as much as 80% of their country’s population. Over 90% of them are not able to access the existing housing market and hence are either renting or living in informal dwellings offering appalling conditions.

Affordable Housing in Africa is not only a enormous issue, but also an incredible scalable opportunity.

MATERIA pioneers a new method of planning and building for the residential needs of corporate employees, fostering an atmosphere of social inclusion among residents of diverse cultural backgrounds. As various multinational corporates continue to invest across diverse regions of Africa, there is a growing demand for quality and economic housing solutions for foreign and local families alike. Innovative construction methods are developed to achieve cost-effective and sustainable housing solutions addressing relevant concerns for security and quality of life.