Enko Benga International School

MATERIA has developed and built a world-class School Campus in the heart of the Benga Riverside community in Tete, Mozambique.

The campus was launched in partnership with Enko Education, a pan-regional education  company backed by Proparco, Oiko Credit and Enko Capital among others. The international school is  designed  by world-renowned Francis Kéré and represents a beacon of sustainable architecture in a region under fast transformation. The school has successfully opened its doors in Jan 2018 and was built in a 6 months span.

The School Campus addresses the critical lack of quality schools in the region, and to allow local and international children to attend the same school. With over 3,000 sqm of built-up area and a further 2,200 sqm of sports and recreation facilities it further increase the cohesion of the community which is envisaged as a model impact investment in the Sub-Saharan African region.

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